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 Barbara Harty
Barbara Harty    RN, MSN, GNP
Assistant Professor - Geriatrics
Contact address      
Department  Geriatrics
Fax No:  817-735-5441  

I am a Gerontolgoical Nurse Practitioner in Internal Medicine -Geriatrics for 16 years.

My practice consists of Long Term Care and follow approx 100 -125 patients a month in nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. I have the 4th year medical students with me and the geriatric fellows rounding with me. I present didactic training to the 4th year medical students.

I work in the geriatric clinic as needed.

I am a Clinical Research coordinator and am Lead coordinator for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical research in the geriatric division. I also am back up coordinator and sub PI for cardiology studies.

I am active in community - speaker for Alzheimer's Association programs, Guardianship services, Tarrant Area on Aging and Texas Christian University Undergraduate Nursing Program.

I have been a Board member for UNTHSC's IRB for 10 years.

 I serve on the first Texas Alzheimer's Disease State Plan Partnership committee.

I am also a member of the Texas Alzheimer's Research Consortium.

I assist the Geriatric division in the Reynolds GET-IT grant. 

I am a committee member for the Association of Frontotemporal Lobe Dementias in putting together information for Long term care facilities on managing FTD patients and staff training.
Professional Preparation
Master Degree,  Nursing,  University Of Texas At Arlingt,  TX
Bachelor of Nursing,  Nursing,  University Of Texas At Arlingt,  TX
Registered Nurse,   ,  
2013 - Current    Member    Institutional Review Board (IRB)
2013 - Current    Member    Institutional Review Board (IRB)
2007 - Current    Assistant Professor    UNT Health Science Center
Current    Member    TCOM Internal Medicine Faculty Meeting
MPAS 5285  Special Topics in Clinical Med  Fall 2014
 NA  Pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies for persons with Dementia  All
Research and Expertise   More...    Close... 
 Harty, Barbara 
 Lead Coordinator for "A Phase 3 Extension, multicenter, double-blind, Long-term Safety and tolerability treatment trial of Bapineuzumab (AAB-001, ELN115727) in subjects with Alzheimer's Disease who participated in study ELN115727-301 or in study ELN11527-302 
 Harty, Barbara 
 Lead Coordinator for "A Phase III, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group, efficacy, and safety trial of Bapineuzumab (AAB-001, ELN 115727) in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's Disease who are Apolipoprotein E4 non-carriers." 
 Harty, Barbara 
 Lead Coordinator for "A Phase III, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, efficacy, and safety trial of Bapineuzumab (AAB-001, ELN115727) in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease who are Apolipoprotein E4 carriers." 
 Harty, Barbara 
 Lead Coordinator for "Optimising Transdermal Exelon in Mild to Moderate Alzheimer's Disease" 
 Harty, Barbara 
 Research Coordinator in "Mitochondrial Estrogen Receptors, Health and Disease" 
 Harty, Barbara 

Research Coordinator in "Balance in the Elderly" Study

 Barbara Harty 
 Blinded personnel for "A phase IIIB, multi-center study with a 12 week double blind placebo controlled randomized period, followed by an open label extension phase to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Certolizumab Pegol administered to patients with active Rheumatoid Arthritis". 
Grants and Contracts
2016 Project RS0031: Consortium of Alzheimer's Disease Centers ()
CTR FOR ALZ & NEURO DIS RSRCHAlzheimer's Disease Program
Faculty Development / Professional Meetings   More...    Close... 
May 24 2011The Three D's - Dementia, Depression and Deliruim
  Role: Presentor Scope: State/Regional 
April 5 2011Cross-Generational Relationships - Shift Happens
  Role: Invited Speaker Scope: Local 
January 25 2011The Dementia Patient in the Hopsital
  Role: Presentor Scope: Local 
April 8 2010Current concepts in diabetes
  Role: Attendee Scope: National 
March 25 20102010 Alzheimer's Association Spring Symposium: Facing Challenges, Finding Solutions
  Role: Invited Speaker Scope: State/Regional 
February 18 2009Legal Requirements for Medical Records According to the Texas Medical board
  Role:  Scope: Local 
July 1 2008American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
  Role: Attendee Scope: National 
Community Engagement
Institutional Service
2009 - CurrentStudent Chapter American Geriatrics Society
LocalUNTHSC Sponsored ActivitiesSpeaker
Professional Service
2009 - CurrentTexas Alzheimer's Disease State Plan Partnership Member
StateBoard Member (non-professional)Committee Member
Community Service   More...    Close... 
2009 - CurrentTexas Christian University
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)Speaker
2009 - CurrentWestover Hills Assisted Living
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)Speaker
2009 - CurrentGuardianship Services
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)Speaker
2008 - CurrentAlzheimer's Association
StateBoard Member (non-professional)
2008 - CurrentPecan Park Assisted Living
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)
2008 - CurrentAmerican Geriatrics Society, Student Chapter
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)
2008 - CurrentTexas Christian University Undergraduate Nursing Program
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentTexas Independent Osteopathic Physicians Organization
StateBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentGeriatrics Case Managers Conference
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentTexas Christian University Support Group
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentEden Terrace
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentTarrant Area Gerontological Society
LocalExternal/MEdia Presentations in Support of UN
2007 - CurrentSaminar Festival Arlington Heights United Methodist Church
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentAlzheimers Memory Walk, Fort Worth and Weatherford
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentUNTHSC Insititutional Review Board
LocalSchool/Insitutional CommitteesBoard Member
2007 - CurrentAmerican Nurses Association
NationalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentTexas Nurses Association
StateBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentAssociation of Clinical Research Professionals
NationalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentNorth Texas Chapter of Clinical Research Professionals
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentAmerican College of Nurse Practitioners
NationalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentSigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing
NationalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentTexas Geriatrics Society
StateBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentNorth Texas Nurse Practitioners Association
LocalExternal/MEdia Presentations in Support of UN
2007 - CurrentTexas Association of Home and Services for the Aging
StateBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentNational Conference of Gerontological Nurse Pracititioners
NationalBoard Member (non-professional)
2007 - CurrentAlzheimers Association North Central Texas Chapter
LocalCME Lectures / Training Seminars
2000 - CurrentNorth Central Alzheimer's Association
LocalBoard Member (non-professional)Lecturer
2012 - 2012Alzheimer's Association, Early Stage Support Group, "Dementia 101"
LocalOther Volunteer ActivitiesLecturer
2012 - 2012Hogstel Gerontological Nursing Symposium, "Latest Developments in Alzheimer's Research"
LocalOther Volunteer ActivitiesLecturer
2012 - 2012James L. West Alzheimer's Center, "Dementia Update"
LocalOther Volunteer ActivitiesLecturer
2011 - 2011Alzheimer's Association "Latest Research in Dementia"
LocalOther Volunteer ActivitiesLecturer
2010 - 2010The Association for Frontotemporal Dementias
StateUNTHSC Sponsored ActivitiesLecturer
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